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The Centre for Digital Governance is a Centre of Competence at the Hertie School in Berlin. The Hertie School prepares exceptional students for leadership positions in government, business and civil society. The School’s extensive international network positions it as an ambassador of good governance, characterised by public debate and engagement.

We offer a stimulating, international and diverse environment in the social science disciplines, high-quality teaching and a strong foundation in public policy. The Hertie School is a vibrant academic community that emphasises excellence in research and teaching as well as an interdisciplinary perspective. Our School has been certified as a family-friendly work environment in higher education and an equal opportunity employer. 

Whether you are looking to work with us, learn from us, or just get more involved, we may have some interesting opportunities for you.


The Centre for Digital Governance invites Hertie School students to apply for membership on the Student Advisory Board during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Student Advisory Board of the Centre for Digital Governance is an independent student body that acts as a link between the Centre and the students of the Hertie School. The Student Advisory Board organises student-led events and provides advice on programming, events and other activities hosted by the Centre.

To apply for the Student Advisory Board, please send your application, including your CV and motivation letter outlining your interest in the Centre to digitalgovernance[at]hertie-school[dot]org no later than 20 October 2021. 


Visiting stays

The Centre invites scholars and practitioners engaged in the field of digital governance for a visiting stay. Further information is available here


Stipends and scholarships

There are currently no stipends or scholarships offers at the Centre.


Hertie students and alumni

As a Hertie School Centre of Competence, we strive to engage with and support the Hertie student and alumni communities. Our ongoing series “Careers in Digital Governance” with the Career Development Office does just that. 

Postdoctoral researcher Keegan McBride and PhD student Felix Garten recently gave their perspectives at a discussion of academic careers in Digital Governance to an audience of Hertie students and alumni. Panelists discussed the rewards and challenges of an academic career, and noted that digital governance is a quickly growing and evolving field. 

A subsequent event in the series introduced the Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network, which now offers a Professional Year position for Hertie students. Based in Paris and operating in English, it is an opportunity for students to spend a year learning multi-stakeholder policy making skills and deepening their knowledge of digital policy. 

Are you part of the Hertie Community? Join us at the remaining events in this series, or get in touch for other ways to collaborate! Contribute to our blog, take a course with our professors, and attend our colloquium events! Have a collaboration proposal? Reach out to our Centre Manager or the relevant professor