Centre for Digital Governance Thesis Prize

The Centre for Digital Governance Thesis Prize is awarded to the best thesis on digital governance at the Hertie School during the academic year. We understand digital governance as policies and efforts of digital transformation to achieve public good. 

Eligibility: Current students working on a thesis on digital governance supervised by any faculty of the Hertie School are eligible.

Process: Nomination by faculty serving as main supervisor of a Master's thesis at the Hertie School. Please send an email including the name of the student, contact information, the grade, comments on the final thesis to the student, and the thesis to digitalgovernance@hertie-school.org. In exceptional circumstances we accept two nominations by one faculty if both theses are of equal quality. 

Deadline for nominations: May 31, 2024.


Centre for Digital Governance Thesis Prize 2023

Paxia Ksatryo (MPP 2023) won the first Centre for Digital Governance Thesis Prize for her thesis "Alternative Social Media for Whom? Constructing Publics on r/Mastodon Using Topic Modeling and Critical Discourse Analysis". Her thesis was supervised by Prof. Daniela StockmannLeonard Baum (MPP 2023) for his thesis "Policy Lessons from China: A Quantitative Examination of China’s New Competition Regime for the Digital Economy" supervised by Prof. Joanna Bryson, and Lea Pfau (MPP 2023) for her thesis 'Cross-sector Collaboration and the Role of Civil Society in Local Government Digitalisation in Germany' supervised by Prof. Gerhard Hammerschmid, received honourable mentions.