Virtual exchange with Federmann School of Public Policy

As part of a “virtual only exchange” between The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Federmann School of Public Policy and the Hertie School, two elective courses on Internet governance are currently being offered to students of both universities. Taught by Centre for Digital Governance faculty member Daniela Stockmann, the elective Tech Companies and the Public Interest: How to Regulate Social Media Platforms helps students identify and understand policy solutions to the challenges posed to democracy by social media platforms. The course closely follows important policy decisions regarding platform regulations currently being made in Europe.

Taught by Dmitry Epstein of The Federmann School, the elective “Can the Internet be tamed? An introduction to Internet governance”, helps students understand how the Internet is governed through technological, economic, legal and normative practices and arrangements. Students discuss themes such as platform governance, privacy, cybersecurity, network neutrality and content moderation. 

For Hertie School students interested in taking part in this online exchange opportunity, there were up to three seats available. The Federmann School then enrolled these three students in the course and provided participants with login and course details. Both Daniela Stockmann and Dimitri Epstein served as guest speakers in the partner course, sharing their specific research insights within the digital governance sphere. This virtual exchange has allowed a diverse group of students to examine the governance of the Internet and it’s implications, all while relying on the connection the digital world provides.

For more information on the course offerings at the Hertie School, see the full Course Catalogue