Centre for Digital Governance


The Centre's work addresses four sets of interrelated questions:

  • What is the relationship between government, business and society in digital governance? Who is setting the rules of the game in the digital world?
  • How can digitalisation be steered in a direction that improves public well-being? What is the best mix between government, business and society in the governance of digitalisation? Does this mix differ with respect to different aspects of digitalisation?
  • How can digitalisation foster innovations in policymaking and public service delivery and drive government transformation? What is the best way to develop public management reform and state capacities (e.g. delivery, coordination, regulatory and analytical capacities) to overcome the challenges of digitalisation?
  • Which ethical standards and framework(s) are helpful to assess policy initiatives in the area of digital governance? Do the principles of good governance need to be adopted? How do we operationalise them? Are there any new normative principles that are relevant?