Research strand 3

Platform regulation

We investigate the relationship between government, business and society in digital governance. Who is setting the rules of the game in the digital world?

This research strand explores the interaction between government, business, and citizens in the area of information control and regulation of social media platforms. Based on qualitative and quantitative methods, we focus on the perspective of corporations and citizens on policies aimed at stirring, channelling, managing, and guiding public discourse. Currently, Daniela Stockmann is finishing up a five-year project on the impact of the technological design of social media platforms on user behaviour regarding politics in China, funded by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council. She is also involved in several projects aimed at tackling the spread of false information and online hate speech in Europe and the United States.  More broadly, recent attempts of governments to regulate platforms have caught our attention. When policy actors in the US, Europe, and many other regions in the world develop policies for digitalisation, China is often an implicit comparison. We also see our contribution in shedding light on what can be learned  – both positively and negatively – from the Chinese experience.


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