Research Project

The User Potential of AI and Distributed Ledger Technology in Public Administration

This project was commissioned by the Office of Technology Asssessment at the German Bundestag (TAB). It was carried out by a team of professors and research associates at the Hertie School and Tallinn University of Technology. The overarching purpose of this project was to assess the potential of AI and DLT specifically for German public administrations. For that matter, the research team used expert interviews, surveys, as well as a literature review to understand the potential benefits and downsides of AI and DLT. The researchers also monitored the progress that was made in view of the digitalisation of the German public administration in a broader sense. Furthermore, they analysed global cases of good practice where AI or DLT were applied in public administration contexts. In doing so, they hoped to identify key lessons that can guide future decision-making in Germany.

The project ran from July 2019 through October 2019. Initially, the results will be provided exclusively to the TAB. Public dissemination is expected in 2020.