Student event

Academic careers in digital governance

Join us as we discuss academic career paths in digital governance with Felix Garten (PhD candidate, Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies), Marlene Jugl (assistant professor, Bocconi University), Keegan McBride (postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Digital Governance) and Linnet Taylor (associate professor, Tilburg University).

The event will be moderated by Rachel Griffin (MPP '21) and Anna von Behr (Manager Career Development).

Digital governance research is an emerging field, offering interesting career paths for graduates. We want to explore career perspectives in academia dealing with digital governance - addressing questions of how we can govern better with digital technologies and if and how the digital realm should be regulated. In addition, we will examine the opportunities and risks this sector holds for public policy graduates.

This event is part of the series titled "Career perspectives in digital governance" co-hosted by the Hertie School's Career development team and the Centre for Digital Governance.

Panel discussion with: