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Transforming the Guardians? AI in the Courtroom

A presentation by Dr. Giulia Gentile (LSE School of Law). This event is part of the Digital Governance Research Colloquium hosted by the Centre for Digital Governance.

AI is transforming most aspects of human activity, including the functioning of the State. The use of AI in the public sector is a Janus-faced phenomenon: on the one hand, AI can render the State more agile, open, effective and ultimately protective of individual’s entitlements; on the other hand, AI bears the intrinsic risk of creating a “Super-state”, furthering the powers of state branches at risk of authoritarian deviations. These dynamics emerge acutely in the context of justice systems. Courts across the world are currently facing severe budget cuts while dealing with an increased workload. Automation and AI have the potential to address these shortcomings and deliver more effective, accurate, prompter justice. But AI-driven court systems can also engender an alteration in the current role of judges, by restricting their independence and subjecting them to algorithmic regulation. How is the increasing use of AI in the courtroom transforming our guardians? Could the digital bias also shape the delivery of justice?  

In this talk, Dr Giulia Gentile will answer these questions by exploring case studies drawn from Estonia and the UK, two of the most digitised court systems in the world.  

Giulia Gentile is a Fellow in Law at the LSE Law School. She joined LSE Law School in 2021, having previously worked at Maastricht University, King’s College London and the Court of Justice of the EU. Her research interests lie in the fields of EU constitutional law and the protection of fundamental rights in the digital environment.

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