Hertie School and Creative Bureaucracy Festival launch new forum to shape future of public administration

The "Transformation Navigator" collects ideas and insights from politics, science, business and society.

Recent crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic or severe weather events in southern Germany have showcased the need for agile and responsive public administrations. They revealed considerable shortcomings, but also the central role of good governance in local, state and national institutions and the need for coordination between them. For governments at all levels to improve, we must draw lessons from these crises. That is the goal of the Hertie School and the Creative Bureaucracy Festival’s new “Transformation Navigator”.

The project brings together insights and solutions from politics, science, business and civil society, collecting a diverse set of voices and perspectives on shared challenges and ways to overcome them. The project collects and presents ideas on how to shape the future of administration and will be launched at this year's Creative Bureaucracy Festival which runs from 13-17 September.  

Gerhard Hammerschmid, Professor of Public Management and Director of the Centre for Digital Governance, alongside Thurid Hustedt, Professor of Public Administration and Management, and Kai Wegrich, Professor for Public Administration and Public Policy, have created the Navigator by conducting a meta-analysis of existing papers and research, drawing on original expertise from within the Hertie School and citing work from other leading institutions.

The Transformation Navigator presents twelve ideas under the categories, "Political System", "Structures and Processes", and "Staff and Expertise”. The Navigator goes beyond digitalisation to provide a holistic view of the future of administration, setting an agenda for better management. The authors present the project as a “living document”, offering the reader or attendees from the festival the opportunity to contribute their own ideas.

A quarterly dialogue will bring together creative bureaucrats to generate new ideas, identify shared problems and create a forum for regular updates for the Navigator. In this way, the project will be continually refreshed, as the document will be freely accessible online and will be published in regular intervals as an e-book and policy briefs.

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is the largest festival in the world that brings together innovators in the public sector across all sectors and levels; it runs from 13-17 September and registration is free.

Read the Transformation Navigator and join the launch of the project on 14 September.