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Joanna Bryson offers her view on Apple and Facebook’s fight over data privacy

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Bryson weighs in on the battle between the two tech giants.

On January 3, Hertie School Professor of Technology and Ethics Joanna Bryson spoke to Al Jazeera TV about Apple’s new privacy policy, which the company plans to implement in the coming weeks.

The changes require iPhone users to consent to explicitly to data collection and tracking, data which is often used for targeted advertising across apps and the web. This decision has seen Apple go head-to-head with Facebook.

Facebook argues the changes will hurt small businesses and their ability to run personalised ads, thereby reaching their customers more effectively. It would also mean that Facebook, which relies heavily on data collection to sell targeted ads, could potentially lose revenue.

“[Facebook claims] that it’s in favour of governance and regulation, but at the same is trying very hard to convince people that consumers want to see more targeted advertisements, or in this case, they say that they are concerned about medium and small enterprises,” Bryson says. “I would love to see a bunch of small companies come together so the representation is not only of these giants.”

Watch the full interview here.

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