Research event

Workshop: Execution of the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: Taking stock and thinking forward

The workshop is organised within the framework of the German Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe by the Centre for Fundamental Rights at the Hertie School, Middlesex University, and the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

This workshop brings together academics, government agents, members of national human rights institutions, Council of Europe staff, and the members of civil society, who work on the implementation of human rights judgments, to take stock of the challenges of implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments. It will focus in particular on the challenges posed by delayed execution, deficient execution, and resistance to execution. It will review the barriers to execution as well as the best practices for attaining execution, and investigate the ways in which the execution of human rights judgments can be made more effective domestically and at the level of the Council of Europe.

Prior registration to attend the workshop as listener is required. Registered attendees will receive the login details via e-mail prior to the event. 

Please note that registration will close on Friday 30 April, 8:00 am CEST. 

Please find the full programme here

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