Student event

A look back on COP 28: Dynamics, outcomes, and ways forward

A presentation and discussion by Senior Research Fellow Dr. Marian Feist. Hosted by the Centre for Sustainability.

The most recent round of UN climate negotiations in Dubai took place amid geopolitical tensions and fragile trust between parties that had been strenuously regained in the previous year. As countries now took stock of progress towards the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the conference, chaired by a petrostate, was hoped to yield nothing less than a commitment to phasing‑out of fossil fuels.

In this Centre for Sustainability event, Dr. Marian Feist contextualises COP 28 within the broader state of affairs in international politics and climate cooperation, reflects on what shaped its dynamics and outcomes on the ground, and gives an outlook on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Following the presentation, attendees will have the chance to discuss and ask questions.


  • Marian Feist is a Senior Research Fellow at the Hertie School’s Centre for Sustainability. He works on global environmental politics, with a focus on UN climate negotiations, diplomacy, and international climate finance. Before joining Hertie, Marian held positions at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, the United Nations University, and the German Development Institute. He gained a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics, where he was based at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change.