Research event

Who votes more strategically?

A presentation by Andy Eggers (Oxford). An initiative of the Political Economy Cluster at the Hertie School of Governance as part of the Samples and Sandwiches Research Lunch.

Strategic voting is an important explanation for aggregate political phenomena, but we know little about how strategic voting varies across types of voters. Are right-leaning voters more strategic than left-leaning voters? Are men more strategic than women? Does strategic behavior vary with age, education, or income? The answers may be important for assessing how well an electoral system represents different preferences in society. We introduce a new approach to measuring and comparing strategic voting across voters that can be applied to essentially any electoral survey. In recent British elections, we find no difference in strategic voting by education level, but we do find that older voters are more strategic than younger voters, richer voters are more strategic than poorer voters, and left-leaning voters are more strategic than right-leaning voters. In the case of age and income, the difference in strategic voting exacerbates known inequalities in political participation

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