Research event

Building up e-democracy in anti-democratic states

A presentation by Yuri Misnikov (e-Government Center, ITMO). This event is part of the Digital Governance Research Colloquium hosted by the Centre for Digital Governance.

Biography: Yuri Misnikov holds a PhD degree in New Media and Communications from the University of Leeds, UK. He is a visiting researcher at the e-Government Center of ITMO University and focuses on online deliberation, with a special emphasis on applying Jurgen Habermas' discourse ethics theory in democratic practice. He is a member of the programme committees of several leading e-governance academic conferences and has authored and co-authored publications on new media discourses; including receiving a best paper award. Yuri is a qualified expert in e-governance policy and practice, with 20 years of an internationally diverse and successful professional career. As a United Nations official, facilitated in early 2000s the development of a first generation of ICT-for Development / e-government policies in Central Eastern Europe and managed a project to establish the e-Governance Academy in Estonia, as a global knowledge transfer hub. He is an experienced evaluator of the EU ICT S&T/R&D projects and programmes, and has led a number of EU studies aimed at harmonizing digital markets in the Eastern Partnership countries. Teaches communication theories and mediated politics at the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. National of Belarus.