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Cracking the ceiling conference 2017

The Hertie School of Governance’s Gender Equality and Sexuality (GES) Club, in cooperation with the school's student policy magazine, The Governance Post, is hosting a conference on the interaction of gender, employment and childcare in today’s global economy.

Over the last century, women have made inroads into many different walks of life. They have  secured  considerable private and public freedoms, although in some parts of the world they remain excluded from participating in many aspects of social life. And numerous factors still hinder their full participation in the economy.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, this conference aims to foster a discussion on recent trends in gender and the workplace in the current global economy. The goal is to produce relevant ideas and potential solutions for addressing the wide gap in labour participation rates around the world.

About the conference

Speakers and wokshop leaders


If you wish to attend, please register by 29 March via Eventbrite.