Public event

Digital era collaboration: TROPICO online event 2021

The 2021 TROPICO online event celebrates the achievements of the project and offers the possibility to share insights stemming from 4,5 years of research, reflect on the TROPICO findings and provide an arena for joint discussion.

The event will cover a range of topics connected to the TROPICO research and its implications for improving collaboration in the digital era. How to make digitalisation work? How to involve citizens in policy design processes? How to assess the legitimacy and efficiency of collaborations? The contents of the sessions will be selected to be of interest for our diverse audience, including practitioners (policy-makers, civil servants, public managers), actors from the private sector and the civil society, and citizens. We will also explore the impact of the project in terms of research, presenting our main findings and identifying steps towards a research agenda, which will be relevant for academics and the scientific community. 

The event will be held online and consist of five independent one-hour sessions. The sessions will be designed to engage participants and foster interaction between the speakers, the TROPICO researchers, and the audience. They will include a debate, an interactive workshop, roundtables, open discussions and experience-sharing, short research presentations, as well as offer social interaction and a lively, professionally moderated setting.

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