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Digital Governance in Practice: Meet Faruk Tuncer

Join us for a conversation about the potential and challenges of GovTechs to innovate the public sector and drive government digitalisation with Faruk Tuncer (CEO Polyteia) and Linda Jaeck (PUBLIC/Hertie School Tech Society).

GovTech, the idea of using the potential of start-ups and small companies for government digitalisation, has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. The rise of many EU and government initiatives and programs (eg. the German GovTech Campus or the European Comission GovTech Incubator), that support and help start-ups and entrepreneurs to offer and scale their digital solutions for government organisations, is a clear indicator for this. For young graduates in particular, GovTechs are also very attractive employers: they combine modern, agile and non-hierarchical work environments with the possibility of working for the public good and developing solutions with clear benefits for citizens and the public. But GovTechs also experience a range of challenges. These include very slow government decision-making processes, very different ways of working in government compared to start-ups, complex procurement processes that often disadvantage start-ups, but also difficulties in attracting venture capital funding. 

Berlin-based Polyteia, founded by Hertie School alumnus Faruk Tuncer, is one of Germany's most successful GovTechs that has already succeeded in two venture capital rounds. With its cloud-based platform, Polyteia helps public administrators and politicians organise and analyse data more efficiently to help them make faster, and more data-driven, decisions. Currently, 80 government entities in Germany use Polyteia, and the company plans to roll out the platform to governments in wider Europe in 2024.

Together with Faruk Tuncer, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges for GovTechs with regards to innovating the public sector and driving government digitalisation. In addition, we will also gain insights into what it means to work in a GovTech context. Linda Jaeck, Hertie School Tech Society Founder and MIA student, will be the moderator for the discussion. The fireside chat (30 minutes) will be followed by a reception. This informal get-together will provide an opportunity for professionals and researchers to meet each other and learn about new industry trends. We will provide light refreshments and snacks. 

Prior registration is necessary to attend the event.  


  • Faruk Tuncer is the founder and CEO of Polyteia, the leading data platform for the public sector. Previously, he worked as an advisor in the strategy department of the CDU Germany, and as a project manager at the Lead Academy. Faruk is a member of the Science and Innovation Advisory Board of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on the modernization of registers and the Digital Summit of the Federal Government. He studied education and public policy in Berlin and Singapore.


  • Linda Jaeck is a MIA-candidate at the Hertie School with a specialization in International security. Linda has previously supported the Aspen Institute Germany, where she was part of the digital program and transatlantic dialogue on digital diplomacy, and worked at BCG’s public sector practice. She is currently spending her Professional Year at PUBLIC, where she explores the intersection between governments and technology. Being a GovTech enthusiast, Linda also co-founded the Hertie School Tech Society (HSTS), which seeks to facilitate the dialogue between the technology industry and the public sector.

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