Public event

Empowering the Single Market – Opportunities and challenges

The year 2024 will be a pivotal chapter in the EU, with crucial elections to the European Parliament on the horizon and a new Commission agenda to be set. At this event, we will explore the future of the EU’s single market and discuss the opportunities and challenges.

In his comprehensive report on the future of the Single Market, former Italian Prime Minister and President of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris Enrico Letta, who was mandated by the EU Commission and the EU Council, proposes strategies for modernising the European Single Market.

How can the EU further advance its economic integration and strengthen the Capital Markets Union? What role does the single market play in a globalised world economy? What measures can be taken to realise the full potential of the Single Market and strengthen the EU's competitiveness and productivity? How can the Single Market be redefined to include stakeholders from across Europe?

Join Enrico Letta and Joachim Nagel for a lively discussion on these critical issues, followed by a Q&A session with the audience. You can register here.

We look forward to your participation and a vibrant discussion.