Alumni event

Entrepreneurial Monday: Codeyssey - Coding and Digital Skills for Youths in Latin America

Alumni talk with Ricardo Salas, Co-Founder of Code Further & Codeyssey

In this web series, experienced entrepreneurs from different sectors and regions in the world talk to Chapter Leads about their career path, lessons learned and important decisions that took their ideas to the next level.

In this session, MPP 2018 alum Ricardo Salas, Co-Founder of Code Further & Codeyssey, will talk to Gloria Guerrero, member of the Mexico City Alumni Chapter. Ricardo and his team strongly believe that digital education and digital literacy are critical to ensure that the workforce of the future will be up to the challenges of a fully-online and global economy. Due to the obvious disruptions and the overwhelming speed at which the international labor market is changing, Ricardo and his partners are certain that teaching children how computers and different types of softwares work is the only way to prepare future generations for the increasingly complex challenges that await as artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud computing transform the nature of work around the world.

This event is hosted by the Mexico City Alumni Chapter and is part of Hertie Alumni November.

Ricardo Salas is a communications expert with a specialization on Public Policy by the Hertie School. He worked as a full-time journalist and news presenter for Excélsior and Grupo Imagen Multimedia before moving to Germany in 2016, one of the main media outlets in his home country. During his graduate studies he became deeply interested in cultural and education policy, and upon his return to Mexico City he decided to start his own edTech venture through the brands Codeyssey and Code Further, two online academies which focus on teaching coding and digital skills (among others) to a broad range of students, with children and teens being our their main target groups.

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