Public event

Follow-up: EU to go: Headwind or green light - what Europe's voters want in terms of climate policy

Farmers' protests and growing resistance in parliaments - In the European election year, the headwinds in favour of measures to combat climate change seem to be increasing in many places. But what does the general public in Europe really think? As part of a survey in Germany, France and Poland, we asked 15,000 voters about their climate policy preferences.

On 6 March, our Deputy Director Nils Redeker and Policy Fellow Jannick Jansen will present the results of this survey and show how majorities could be won over to an ambitious climate policy.

Five slides introduction to the topic and five slides positions and proposals on the focus topic. This will be followed by ten minutes of discussion. At 9 am the event is over after only 30 minutes.

8:30 Introduction to the focus topic
8:40 Positions and proposals on the focus topic
8:50 Question and answer
9:00 Off to the (Home) Office

You can find the slides (in German) here.