Student and alumni event

European security in the age of Trump

The first instalment of our new Current affairs series with Tobias Bunde (Research Associate, Centre for International Security Policy (CISP) at the Hertie School).

The event is open to the Hertie School community.

An emerging debate about an independent European (or even German) nuclear deterrent, beginning discussions about appropriate Western responses to the alleged violation of the INF Treaty by the Russian Federation, European nervousness about White House sympathies for Vladimir Putin and anti-EU illiberal populists across Europe - welcome to the state of European security in 2017! In this session, we will discuss what the Trump administration means for European security - from intra-NATO debates about burden sharing and European efforts to strengthen cooperation (or even integration) in the realm of defence to the future of the sanctions regime against Russia and increasing uncertainty about the US security guarantee for Europe.

About the Current affairs series:

The new event series was initiated by the Hertie School faculty and is open to the Hertie School community. Brexit, Trumpism, Putinism, disarray in global trading regimes and climate accords, the lingering migration crisis, the upcoming elections in several EU member states, and events likely to emerge and come up in 2017, all amount to a formidable challenge for a Europe already challenged.  While much seems unsettled, and many of the implications remain as of yet unclear, what seems certain, however, is a need for discussion and debate, and to explore what the changing domestic policies and geopolitics mean not only in the here and now but also in the medium to longer term. Each session will start off with a particular theme or issues introduced by a faculty member and will then be opened up for debate.