Student event

Geopolitics of global oil and gas markets

Panel discussion with Holgar Kolley (German Federal Foreign Office), Jean-Arnold Vinois (European Commission), and Joel Weigert (US Embassy Berlin), chaired by Thomas W. O'Donnell (Hertie School).

Topics include geopolitics of oil and gas markets from WW2 to present (syllabus), however focusing on present controversies, such as the Russia-to-Germany Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, recent US and EU energy sanctions on Russia, "Lower for Longer" oil prices and new OPEC-Russian oil market cooperation, Saudi-Iran regional tensions, China's energy policy, and the Trump administration's "Energy Dominance" policy, including new US fracking oil-and-gas abundance. This event follows up on a class discussion with the head of Gazprom-Germania's Berlin office.

Panel discussion with EU, German and US energy diplomats and officials:

  • Holgar Kolley is Deputy Head of Division "External Energy Policy, Energy Security and Energy Partnerships" at the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Jean-Arnold Vinois is Honorary Director of the European Commission's Directorate General for Energy
  • Joel Weigert is First Secretary Energy, Mobility, Industry and Innovation Policy at the US Embassy in Berlin

All members of the Hertie School community are welcomed, in accordance with Chatham House Rule (viz, this discussion is off the record), and the class' students have questioning priority.

Prior registration is not required.