Public event

Global Tax Evasion: How big is the problem, and what can we do about it?

Is global tax evasion falling or rising? Have governments been effective in addressing tax evasion over the past ten years? What new issues are emerging? What policies have worked so far, and what could work in the future?

Gabriel Zucman, founding Director of the EU Tax Observatory, and Sarah Godar, researcher at the EU Tax Observatory and the DIW Berlin, will present key results from the inaugural Global Tax Evasion Report. The report summarises work conducted by more than 100 researchers worldwide to quantify the magnitude and dynamics of tax evasion – an unprecedented international research collaboration.

The report takes stock of the progress made in the fight against international tax evasion and quantifies its various forms. Among other topics, it investigates the effects of international reforms – once deemed utopian – adopted over the past ten years: the automatic international exchange of bank information and the international agreement on a global minimum tax for multinational corporations. Setting the policy agenda for the future, the report makes key proposals to address remaining challenges.
Together with the two EU tax researchers, we will discuss the report's results in a panel with Charlotte Bartels (DIW) and Gerhard Schick (Finanzwende). The discussion will be chaired by Christian Traxler (Hertie School).

This event is organised by the Hertie School, in collaboration with EU Tax Observatory and supported by DIW Berlin



Charlotte Bartels

  • Charlotte Bartels is interim Professor of Economics at LMU Munich and researcher at DIW Berlin. Her research studies the (re)distribution of economic resources and explores mechanisms behind changes in income and wealth distributions.

Gerhard Schick

  • Gerhard Schick is one of the founders and the current head of the NGO Finanzwende. From 2005 to 2018, he was a member of the German Bundestag for the Greens. He served, among others, as the Green parliamentary group's financial policy spokesman and their chairman on the CumEx investigative committee.

Sarah Godar

  • Sarah Godar is a researcher at the EU Tax Observatory and the DIW Berlin. She holds a PhD in economics from the Charles University in Prague. Her research focusses on corporate tax avoidance, tax competition and offshore wealth.

Gabriel Zucman

  • Gabriel Zucman is Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics, Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and founding Director of the EU Tax Observatory. His research, which focusses on the accumulation, distribution and taxation of global wealth, has developed new methods to measure the wealth held in tax havens.

Christian Traxler

  • Christian Traxler is Professor of Economics at the Hertie School and member of Berlin School of Economics. He studies tax evasion and evaluates law enforcement policies more broadly.