Public event

GovTech in France and Germany: How can startups help reimagine the public sector?

This event is organised by French Tech Berlin, PUBLIC, Mazars, Business France, AHK Frankreich with the support of the Embassy of France in Berlin and the Centre for Digital Governance. 

Join us on February 21 for a side event before the Handelsblatt Govtech Summit. This event focuses on showcasing successful collaborations between the private and public sectors, specifically highlighting achievements in the technology sector. Emphasising the potential for growth, it aims to illustrate the value of Business-to-Government (B2G) interactions as significant sources of development for startups and scale-ups. The event underlines governments' serious consideration of innovative solutions, with a particular emphasis on those originating from startups. Additionally, it communicates the commitment of governments to reevaluate and enhance their operational methods and public service delivery by actively embracing transformative approaches.