Public event

Green growth and post-growth: common grounds for advancing the green economy transformation?

How can we decarbonise our economy? The first two events of the Future Economy Forum series explored diverse ideas and approaches for tackling this question, ranging from green to post- to degrowth.

This third event brings them together to establish commonalities and differences, clarify misunderstandings, and to start building bridges for the fight against climate change and the shared goal: paving the way toward a truly sustainable future. After all, whether green, post-, or degrowth, they all aspire toward the same goal and a good life for all. The urgency and dimension of the task at hand calls for overcoming differences and joining forces, wherever possible.


  • Prof. Daniel Fiorino, Center for Environmental Policy, American University
  • Beth Stratford, ESRC-funded PhD-student, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds and Fellow, New Economics Foundation


  • Sophie Röhrl, EMJMD Student in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM), Central European University and Lund University

This event series is organised by d\carb and hosted by the Centre for Sustainability.