Student event

MPP/MIA Professional Perspectives Panel “Job entry in Berlin as an international graduate”

With talks by Ana Lucia Amazo Blanco (MPP 2015), Rafael Lira Carillo (MPP 2015), Anya Suprunenko (MPP 2016)and Maya Carr-Hill (Agentur für Arbeit)

The job entry phase is demanding for most graduates, but breaking into the German labour market as an international graduate comes with specific challenges – from language barriers to cultural difference to navigating a system without long established networks. During this panel, international alumni from the Hertie School will share their experience of entering the German labour market and give valuable advice to current students: Ana Amazo Blanco, originally from Columbia, now works for Ecofys, a sustainability consulting firm; Rafael Lira Carillo from Mexico is now Customer Relationship Management Lead at KCR; and Anya Suprunenko from the Ukraine is a Project Manager at the Schwartzkopf Foundation. They will be joined by Maya Carr-Hill from the Agentur für Arbeit (German Employment Agency) who will share her perspective and talk about services for international graduates. After short initial statements you will have plenty of time for your questions and discussion.

Please register for the event via Doodle by Monday, 11 September 2017.

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