Research event

New social risks and pension policies in Europe

The Conference is jointly organized by the Members of the Social Policy Colloquium of the Hertie Schoolof Governance and the Research Data Center of the German Statutory Pension Insurance (FDZ-RV). We furthermore acknowledge funding from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The workshop is held “back-to-back” with the PhD Workshop “Varieties of Welfare States and Economic Insecurity” for which the keynote speaker is Giuliano Bonoli.

European welfare states have seen major transformations of their social security systems over the past decades. In addition to “old” risks such as unemployment and sickness, “new” social risks have emerged. Changing gender roles and family behaviour have furthermore reconfigured social risks along the gender lines. At the same time, retrenchment of public welfare provision has increased the risks of old-age poverty for future generations of retirees. It is unclear whether occupational and private pension schemes will ameliorate or rather aggravate social and gender differences in old-age security.

If you’d like to attend the workshop, please register with the workshop secretariat (Lena Klein; until April 30, 2019