Research event

PhD workshop: Varieties of welfare capitalism in times of socio-economic insecurity

The workshop is organized by Licia Bobzien and Lukas Jerg (PhD candidates) and the PhD Affairs Team of the Hertie School and is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the IPID4all programme ‘PHD GLOBAL’.

The established institutional configurations across varieties of welfare capitalism are increasingly coming under pressure by factors such as globalization, declining economic growth, dualization in the labour market, or digitalization. While, traditionally, a strong focus has been laid on investigating the causes for differences in welfare capitalism, a new emphasis has emerged on examining the effect varieties of welfare capitalism have on politics. How are changing welfare states affecting citizens in their political behaviour or party politics? When do they favour innovations in social policy? This workshop aims to discuss both perspectives as well as their interdependence. What drives institutional change and which consequences does it have?

Abstracts of papers focusing on—but not limited to—the following topics are welcome:

Causes of  Economic Insecurity:

  • potential drivers of socio-economic insecurity (i.e., technological change, globalization, demographic change)
  • changes in varieties of welfare capitalism
  • functions and instruments of the new welfare Settlement

Consequences of Economic Insecurity:

  • the effect socio-economic insecurity exerts on political behaviour
  • party politics and socio-economic insecurity

The Hertie School aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for young scholars to share and discuss their research in an encouraging and comfortable environment. We welcome the submission of different theoretical and methodological approaches across disciplines.  
A keynote speech will be held by Giuliano Bonoli, Professor of Social Policy at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration at the University of Lausanne.