Research event

Policy responses to the coronavirus: UK, US, France, Italy and Germany in the spotlight

A roundtable dicussion with Anke Hassel (Hertie School, Germany), Angelo Martelli (LSE, UK), Bruno Palier (Sciences Po, France) and Kathleen Thelen (MIT, USA), and Michaela Kreyenfeld (Chair).

As economies come to a standstill in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the economic and social implications of the current pandemic will most likely be even more severe than those of the 2008 global financial crisis. Governments have responded swiftly to combat the adverse effects on the economy and the labour market, but with different measures across countries and regions. How do measures differ between France, Italy, Germany, the UK and the US? Are those measures appropriate to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic? Are governments doing enough to help small businesses overcome the crisis? Will increased short-time work be a sufficient remedy? Which branches and countries will be more severely hit than others? What are feasible short and long-term solutions? And, how will this crisis affect labour relations and the future of work?
We have invited renowned scholars from Germany, the UK, France, and the US to a virtual roundtable to discuss policy responses to the coronavirus crisis.


No prior registration required. Link to the event is found below: