Public event

Post-growth and degrowth: the (im)possibility of green growth and its alternatives

Join a debate with Susan Paulson (University of Florida), Tim Jackson (University of Leeds) and  Katherine Trebeck (Wellbeing Economy Alliance), moderated by Christiane Heisse (SOAS, University of London).
This panel discussion is organised by the student-led d\carb – Future Economy Forum and hosted by the Centre for Sustainability.

How can we decarbonise our economy? Proponents of post-growth and degrowth approaches argue that it will not be possible to decouple economic growth from ecological impacts. Contrary to the logic of green growth, they call for abandoning the political fixation on GDP growth and propose alternative economic models for a sustainable future economy. In this second event, in the series on economic growth and climate change, we give the floor to leading experts from post-growth and degrowth economics, to present different concepts from this vibrant scholarly field.


  • Susan Paulson, professor at the Centre for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida.
  • Tim Jackson, director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, University of Leeds.
  • Katherine Trebeck, co-founder and Senior Strategic Advisor at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


  • Christiane Heisse, PhD candidate at SOAS, University of London and scholar of the Foundation of German Business.


On the Future Economy Forum

How can our economy transition towards a more sustainable future? The student-led d\carb – Future Economy Forum provides a platform for the societal discourse around this question. It stands for a scientifically informed and critical discussion, which is visible and accessible to the wider public. We aim to contribute to the political debate and catalyze change towards more sustainable economies in Germany and around the globe.