Student event

Professional Perspectives Panel: Working in Brussels

With talks by Harmke Kruithof (MPP 2014), Hanni Schoelermann (MPP 2011) and Sascha Wagner (MPP 2012).

The job entry phase is demanding for most graduates, but breaking into the Belgian labor market as an international graduate comes with specific challenges – from language barriers to cultural difference to navigating a system without long established networks.

During this panel international alumni from the Hertie School will share their experience of entering the labor market in Brussels and give valuable advice to current students: Hamke Kruithof is now programme manager at the European Commission, working on migration and forced displacement issues. Hanni Schoelermann is currently an Economist at International Monetary Fund in Brussels. Sascha Wagner is Brussels Representative of MAHLE International GmbH. 

Please register for the event via Doodle by Monday, February 19 2018.

Please note that once you have registered for this event, you are expected to attend. Thank you for your co-operation.