Student event

Professional Perspectives Panel | Working with Data

With Niklas Anzinger, Dalia Research (MPP 2015), Lukas Bretzinger, Mayato (MPP 2014), and Marian Vogel, Cosmonauts and Kings (MPP 2014).

Are you interested in becoming a data analyst or do you want to explore your various options for working with data after finishing your degree at the Hertie School? This Professional Perspectives Panel will give you an insight into just that! During the event, three Hertie School alumni will share their experience and offer valuable advice to current students:

Niklas Anzinger (MPP 2015) is joining the MPP/MIA students for a Professional Perspectives Event on his work as a Project Manager for Dalia Research. Dalia is a technology start-up, specializing in understanding global audiences in more than 90 countries through mobile surveys. Dalia is committed to engaging with people in a more natural environment, providing instant, relevant, global insights. At Dalia, Niklas is responsible for managing strategic research projects including clients from the private sector, think-tanks and academia.

Lukas Bretzinger (MPP 2015) will provide students an insight into his work as Business Intelligence Consultant for Mayato. The end-to-end business analytics consultancy helps its clients to inform decisions with data by developing solutions within the fields of Financial Analytics, Customer Analytics and Industry Analytics. The company just recently became part of a French/European "positive thinking" group of companies in the field. Lukas is the topic owner for a venture into spatial analytics.

Marian Vogel (MPP 2014) will talk about his work as Head of Data and Analytics for Cosmonauts and Kings. The Berlin-based political start-up's team of political technology enthusiasts develops data and technology driven communication solutions for politics.

Please register for the event via Doodle by 12 March 2018.