Student and alumni event

Professional Perspectives | Salary Negotiations

with Katinka Brose (MPP 2014 ), Fair Pay Lab and Claudia Müller (MPP 2012), Female Finance Forum.

Let’s talk about money, honey! Or which factors influence our career choices.

Study life usually takes place in a relatively closed frame, whereas, the transition into the labour market is often challenging. After graduation, questions arise on where and in which industry branches jobs are offered and under what conditions. Yet, many challenges that are very relevant remain untouched by students. Among these challenges are questions around entry salaries, the gender pay gap and equal opportunities in the labour market. This Professional Perspectives event will address main challenges around salaries for job entry positions, salary negotiations, the gender pay gap and its underlying causes. Further, hands-on questions on how students can tackle these challenges will be discussed, e.g.

  •     How early career choices can have effect on the later working and financial life
  •     Transparency: where do I get information on wages?
  •     How do we value work?
  •     What are fair wages? How do wages influence our career choices?
  •     What is the investing gap, why does it matter, and what are steps to prevent it?

The workshop is held by two experts and alumnae from the Hertie School: Katinka Brose is Senior Strategy Agent at the Fair Pay Innovation Lab and has previously worked for BPW Germany on issues of equal pay. Claudia Müller has several years of work experience at the Deutsche Bundesbank and is the Founder of the Female Finance Forum.

This Professional Perspectives events was organized in cooperation with Hertie’s Gender, Equality and Sexuality Club and geared towards all students.

Please register for the event via Doodle until March 29, 2018