Student event

Responsible AI in practice

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ben Bariach from Google DeepMind had to cancel his participation in the event. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we are pleased that Torsten Berge, who leads the Algorithm & AI Assurance practice at Deloitte Germany, has agreed to discuss responsible AI implementation with us instead, on short notice.

This event will provide an exploration of responsible AI implementation, offering insights into how responsible AI works in the tech industry. Delving into recent generative AI trends, the presentation includes an overview of the industry's current landscape. The discussion also addresses the connection between AI safety and AI for Social Good initiatives, both aiming to ensure human-centered AI. We will also present how AI safety work occurs in practice in AI labs, aimed at ensuring that AI technologies are safe and aligned with human interests.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. Questions about Torsten's career path and (policy) career opportunities within this sector and Deloitte in particular are also welcome toward the end of the Q&A.

Prof. Joanna Bryson (Centre for Digital Governance) will moderate the event. This event is hosted by the Centre for Digital Governance at the Hertie School.

Prior registration is mandatory for the event. The MS Teams link will be sent to registered guests on the day of the event. 



  • Torsten Berge leads the Algorithm & AI Assurance practice at Deloitte Germany. He is an expert in Governance and Internal Control related to Algorithms and AI Systems with more than 18 years of experiences in the Audit & Assurance of IT Systems, Business Processes and Digital Transformation. He was leading the Deloitte Germany Audit Analytics Group to push the Digital Transformation of the Audit with developing Data Analytics and automation solutions for the Audit practice.
    Now he is focusing on Trustworthy AI and the regulation of AI systems and helping his clients with AI Governance, AI Compliance and EU AI Act readiness topics. He is a member of the AI working group of the Institute of Auditors (IdW) in Germany that develop the recently released German Auditing Standard for the audit of AI systems: "PS 861 Prüfung von KI-Systemen". He is engaged within the KI Park e.V., Berlin building an ecosystem around Trust and Ethics in AI and the practical application. 


  • Joanna Bryson is Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School. She is also a faculty member at the Hertie School Centre for Digital Governance. Her research focuses on the impact of technology on human cooperation, and AI/ICT governance. Since July 2020, Prof. Bryson has been one of nine experts nominated by Germany to the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence.