Research event

Roma Integration as a Case of a Horizontal Policy Approach in the EU: An analysis of Problems, Polices, and Governance

A talk by Kajsa Berg (Hertie School).

An initiative of the European & Global Governance Research Cluster at the Hertie School.

We would like to invite you to our first EUROPEAN AND GLOBAL GOVERNANCE COLLOQUIUM in the fall semester at the Hertie School.

The presentation focuses on the first analytical chapter of a dissertation with the current working title: 'Horizontal Policy Approaches in the EU: in response to what type of conditions and problems, under what policy and governance design, and with what risks?' The presentation will provide a summary of the findings of this chapter, including: a) the policy problem of Roma social exclusion, and the EU rationale for tackling it; b) the evolution of the EU approach to Roma social exclusion, through a complex combination of general and targeted policy and governance at EU and national level; c) the national response as presented in formal policy documents on national strategies, in terms of problem, policy, and governance; d) the findings of the Commission's annual progress reviews; and e) a critical consideration of above findings against additional evidence from other sources, and examples from the political context of the EU. In conclusion, the chapter ends with follow-up questions concerning the potential tension between formal commitments and practice, thus teeing up additional analysis in smaller selection of MS, in order to probe official commitments against the information of non-EU sources.

To register, please send an e-mail to Andrea Derichs (derichs[at]hertie-school[dot]org).