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Samavesh Policy Summit 2022

Call for abstracts for the Samavesh Policy Summit 2022. On 30 April and 1 May 2022, Team Samavesh is hosting a two-day policy discourse summit. The event is organised by Samavesh, a community created by some of my former students from the Indian School of Public Policy.

Samavesh is a community devoted to creating inclusive, meaningful discourses. These discourses range from policy and development challenges to narratives of public interest. What began as a space for policy conversations (conducted in a Socratic fashion) among Indian School of Public Policy scholars, has today become a collaborative space for policy and development of students and professionals from different fields and institutions.
The Samavesh Policy Summit is expected to be a celebration of this collaborative and change-enabling spirit of discourse. The summit would mark the completion of 100 Samavesh sessions. A typical Samavesh session has a central argument, proposed by the presenter, that leads the discourse. The presenter is expected to explain their argument to a sector-agnostic group in a jargon-free manner. The ability to think critically about the proposed argument is the main expectation from all participants at Samavesh sessions.  

To participate, the applicants need to send their arguments through a two-step process. First, submission of abstracts. Second, once shortlisted, applicants will be asked to send in final submissions (in a format of their choice). The extended deadline for the submission of abstracts is 10 April 2022. The event will be held in Delhi at the Indian School of Public Policy campus. It is planned as an onsite event but will also offer online participation.

The abstracts can be shared via this form. For more information contact samaveshdiscourse[at]gmail[dot]com or visit their website.