Research event

The international anticorruption regime after Donald Trump

A lunchtime lecture by Michael Johnston (Colgate University, International Anti-Corruption Academy), followed by a discussion chaired by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (Hertie School).

Over the past 20 years, anticorruption has made its mark on the international agenda. International legal norms and the international development agenda have both taken up anticorruption as  a key issue. But, how do these norms change in a time where many Western governments seem to have their own problems with conflicts of interest and informal  practices. In a lunchtime lecture at the Hertie School, Prof. Michael Johnston will explore the nature of the international anticorruption regime and trace its recent developments since the election of Donald Trump as US President.

The lecture is presented by the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building (ERCAS). It will be followed by a discussion, chaired by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Professor of Democracy Studies at the Hertie School.

To register, please send an e-mail to endrizzi[at]hertie-school[dot]org.

Michael Johnston is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science , Emeritus and former Division Director for the Social Sciences at Colgate University and distinguished professor at the Internaitonal Anti-Corruption Academcy (IACA).  His book — Syndromes of Corruption: Wealth, Power, and Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2005) — won the 2009 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, presented by the University of Louisville. He has studied political and administrative corruption since 1975, and from 1985 through 1996 was a founding co-editor of the journal Corruption and Reform. He has been a consultant to many international organisations and development agencies, including the World Bank, OECD, the Asia Foundation, the New York State Commission on Governmental Integrity; USAID, and the United Nations. His publications include Public Sector Corruption; Civil Society and Corruption: Mobilizing for Reform (edited volume, 2005); Political Corruption: Concepts and Contexts (co-edited with the late Arnold J. Heidenheimer, 2002); Political Corruption: A Handbook (co-editors Arnold J. Heidenheimer and Victor LeVine, 1988); Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Government (co-editor Jerome B. McKinney, 1986); and Political Corruption and Public Policy in America (1982).