Student event

Trust and the public good: Strengthening the confidence in governments, experts and policy makers

We are thrilled to invite you to a Hertie School alumni workshop which we will be hosting in London on Saturday, 27 October 2018 in the premises of the LSE.

The workshop “Trust and the Public Good; strengthening the confidence in governments, experts and policy makers” will ask how we can strengthen public institutions, which are under siege from new forms of media, populist ideologies and a citizenry that is nervous about a rapidly changing and unknown future. From an unease over the changing nature of work, resentment over immigration, housing shortages, and social services that are under strain, western democracies across the globe have growing populations that feel globalisation, internationalisation, is not cascading the benefits that they were promised. Recent elections and referendums have exposed many of these same underlying challenges and the underlying mistrust that public institutions, governments and politicians will solve them. How to build resilience and respond to attempts to discredit evidence and how to re-engage in political discourse in an environment that is so poisoned by discussions focused on difference, are topics that this workshop will explore. The workshop will bring together keynotes from alumni who work as practitioners in the field as well as academics, discussions and potentially excursions to relevant institutions.

The workshop is organised by the Hertie School’s London Chapter (Jen Beckermann and Julia Kowalski) and the Alumni Relations Team (Maria Bramer and Anna von Behr). The Managing Director Axel Baisch will also be there, as well as our new Dean Christine Reh, who will moderate the discussions; all are looking forward to meeting and hearing from the Hertie School’s alumni community.  We have invited 15 international alumni to join the conference and have some more spots available. If you would like to attend, please register by writing an email to bramer[at]hertie-school[dot]orguntil 7 October. Until this date all London-based alumni will be given priority.