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Russia and the West: Friends or foes?

re:thinking tomorrow

Vladimir Putin’s re-election has been a sobering turn of events for Russia and the West alike. The modernisation introduced by his predecessor has not been continued. On the contrary, freedom of expression has been dramatically limited. The actions against Pussy Riot are symptomatic of a hostile societal climate. In the Syrian crisis, Russia has continued to position itself as an opponent of the West. Also, German-Russian relations have grown increasingly strained. At the same time, a range of strategic economic factors with risks and opportunities for Russia and the West are at stake.


Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief, Russia in Global Affairs

Ingo Mannteufel, Department Head, Eastern Europe and Russia, Deutsche Welle

Dr. Andreas Schockenhoff, MP, Coordinator of German-Russian Intersocietal Cooperation in the Federal Foreign Office

Franz Thönnes, MP, former Parliamentary State Secretary


Britta Hilpert, former Head of the ZDF Studio Moscow, Head, ZDF Studio Brandenburg

re:thinking tomorrow is a discussion series hosted by Deutsche Welle and the Hertie School.


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