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The future of transatlantic cooperation in international security

Rose Gottemoeller and Wolfgang Ischinger on the future of international security.

Europe and the United States are being confronted with multiple security challenges in the 21st century, not least of which is the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction. Rose Gottemoeller, US Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, discussed the importance of the frameworks, treaties and agreements that serve as a primary line of defence against this threat, including the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, the New START Treaty and efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism. She also discussed the need for new technologies to support further arms control and non-proliferation efforts and added that strong cooperation among transatlantic partners would be the key to success.

Reflecting on the Munich Security Conference (MSC) from 6 – 8 February 2015, Wolfgang Ischinger, former German Ambassador to the US, Chairman of the MSC and member of the Hertie School’s board of trustees, commented on Under Secretary Gottemoeller’s talk and engaged in a discussion with her and the audience.

This event was hosted in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference.

This event marked the first installment in the Hertie School’s new Innovation in International Affairs Series:

The world faces a number of serious challenges: from mitigating climate change to dealing with the outbreak of Ebola and ensuring that nations and regions are better equipped to deal with similar health and social crises in the future. Yet most of our global governance institutions were created in the 20th century to deal with problems of another age. It is thus imperative to ask: what innovations are needed in international affairs to ensure we can deal with 21st century challenges? This series will bring together experts and leaders from a range of sectors from security to migration.

Helmut K. Anheier, Rose Gottemoeller and Wolfgang Ischinger

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Helmut K. Anheier, Dean and President, Hertie School


Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, US Department of State


Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman, Munich Security Conference