Event highlight

Centre for Digital Governance meets the Hertie community

The Centre for Digital Governance met with students and alumni at the Hertie School

On February 13, 2020, the Centre for Digital Governance held an event to meet students and alumni at the Hertie School. Our faculty members each introduced their research areas and engaged in a lively discussion on the state of digital governance and the work of the Centre with the students and alumni in attendance. We were especially excited to introduce our newest faculty member, Professor Joanna Bryson, who joins the Hertie School from the University of Bath. We were also joined by Tori Dykes, a representative from the Hertie Network on Digitalisation, an alumni group for professionals in digitalisation. The discussion was followed by a reception where students were able to get to know the Centre members on a more personal basis.

Students expressed their enthusiasm towards working with the Centre, through attending our events, our faculty members’ classes, and accessing the Hertie School’s diverse alumni networks.

This event was hosted by the Hertie School Centre for Digital Governance