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Governance in Europe: Taking stock for moving forward

In marking its 10th anniversary, the Hertie School brought together leading scholars and European decisision makers to open new perspectives for better governance in Europe.

Where would the European Union be heading post the 2014 European Parliament elections held on 25 May? What were the long-term prospects for the European integration project after years spent in a perpetual crisis mode and unprecedented levels of popular protest against the EU likely to be? And, with a neighbourhood of states in transition, what role and contribution could Europe offer in international politics?

Programme | Day 1

Tuesday 27 May 2014

09:00     Welcome Coffee
10:00     Opening Remarks
               Speaker: Helmut K. Anheier, Dean, Hertie School

Europe after the Elections: What are the Implications?

10:15     Keynote: Europe after the Elections
                Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister of Finance of the Netherlands and President of the
11:00     Panel: The European Elections in Perspective
                Chair: Mark Kayser, Hertie School
                Panel: Simon Hug, Université de Genève
                Catherine de Vries, University of Oxford
                Hermann Schmitt, University of Manchester
                Frank Schimmelfennig, ETH Zurich
                Discussant: George A. Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece
12:30     Lunch Break

Dead End or New Vigour? The Future of the European Project

13:30      Keynote: The State of Europe – What Governance is needed in the European Union?
                 Speaker: Wolfgang Schäuble, Finance Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany
14:30      Panel: Reforming the European Union – Legitimate Governance for Europe?
                 Chair: Christian Joerges, Hertie School
                 Panel: Daniel Innerarity, University of Basque Country
                 Claus Offe, Hertie School
                 Albert Weale, University College London
                 Martin Lidegaard, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
16:00      Coffee Break

Does Europe Matter? The EU in International Affairs

16:30      Keynote: Ready for a more fragile world? Europe’s role in responding to crisis and conflict
                 Speaker: Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for
                 Int. Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response
16:50      Roundtable on European Foreign Policy
                 Roundtable: Elmar Brok, MEP, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
                 Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner
                 Barbara Lochbihler, MEP, Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights
                 Boris Tarasyuk, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, former Foreign Minister of Ukraine
                 Moderator: Melinda Crane, DW-TV
18:00      Refreshments
18:30      (Was) hält Europa zusammen?/What Unites Europe?
                 Panel: Henrik Enderlein, Hertie School
                 Margot Käßmann, Ambassador of the Reformation Anniversary 2017,
                 Evangelical Church in Germany
                 Norbert Röttgen, MdB, Chairman of the German Bundestag’s Committee on
                 Foreign Affairs
                 Moderator: Harald Asel, rbb Inforadio
                 In cooperation with rbb inforadio.
                 (In German. Translation into English will be provided.)
20:00      End of first Conference Day


Programme | Day 2

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Back to the Future? Europe and the Nation State

9:00      Opening Remarks
               Speaker: Michael Zürn, Founding Dean, Hertie School
9:15      Keynote: Does Europe Need strong States?
               Speaker: Mario Monti, Senator and former Prime Minister of Italy
9:45      Panel: A European Model of the State?
               Chair: Kai Wegrich, Hertie School
               Panel: Adrienne Héritier, European University Institute
               Christoph Möllers, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
               Carlos Pereira, Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration
               at Getulio Vargas Foundation
               Discussant: Danuta Hübner, MEP, Chair of the Regional Development Committee
11:00    Coffee Break

Teaching Governance in Europe

11:15    Closing Discussion: Future Leadership in Governance
               Intervention: Craig Calhoun, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science
               Roundtable: Helmut K. Anheier, Dean, Hertie School
               Frédéric Mion, President, Sciences Po Paris
               Ngaire Woods, Inaugural Dean, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University
12:30    Farewell Lunch