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What unites Europe?

2014 European Parliament elections: This time it's different?

Speaking of the 2014 elections, the European Parliament held that “this time it’s different”. Two days after the big event we shed light on the results by focusing on the following questions: were EU supporters successful in gaining participation rights in parliament and reaching the more hesitant citizens by personalising the election strategy? Or was scepticism of supranational institutions likely to remain? What role would protest play? Were the European states still drifting further apart? Which challenges, both in- and outside the EU, were likely to shape continental Europe in the following years and how much room would there be for change? And who would be responsible for directing these changes? 

Norbert Röttgen
Henrik Enderlein
Nicol Ljubić, Margot Käßmann


Henrik Enderlein, Hertie School; Director, Jacques Delors Institute - Berlin

Margot Käßmann, Ambassador of the Reformation Anniversary 2017, Evangelical Church in Germany

Norbert Röttgen, MdB, Chairman of the German Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs

Nicol Ljubić, Author; freelance Journalist; co-founder of the European Writers Conference


Harald Asel, Inforadio rbb