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On the road to the White House: The 2016 US presidential elections

Keynote by HE John B. Emerson, US Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

On 8 November 2016, voters in the United States of America elected their 45th president. Some of the most contentious issues in the presidential race were immigration, gun control, climate change, Syrian refugees, health care, abortion, the death penalty and taxes. In April 2015 the race was all but down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side – continuing the chaotic and unpredictable primary season. On 20 April 2015, the Hertie School held a discussion on topics relevant to the campaign: what kind of policy could we expect from the remaining candidates, for example? And what issues and presidential qualities were driving the American voters? These and other questions were raised at the event.


Mark Kayser, Professor of Applied Methods and Comparative Politics, Hertie School

Andrea Römmele, Professor for Communication in Politics and Civil Society, Hertie School

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