Behavioural Insights Series at the Hertie School

Behavioural policy making in the Netherlands

The next instalment of the Behavioural Insights Series at the Hertie School with Eva van den Broek (Senior Researcher and Business Developer, Wageningen Economic Research). Welcome and moderation: Christian Traxler (Professor of Economics, Hertie School).

The event is hosted in cooperation with the Berlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP) which will host the 3rd BCCP Forum on 20 April. More information can be found online.


Eva van den Broek is a senior researcher and business developer at Wageningen Economic Research, where she advises policy makers and companies on how to implement behavioural insights and experimental methods. Since 2004, van den Broek has been running and supervising lab and field experiments on sustainable labelling, risk communication, cooperation and trust, food marketing, nudging, food waste, communication, process optimisation and energy efficiency. In 2014, she joined the Behavioural Insights team at the Dutch Ministry of Economics. Eva van den Broek has a PhD in experimental economics and theoretical biology from the University of Amsterdam and a MSc in artificial intelligence. She regularly publishes about behavioural economics in Dutch newspapers and science blogs.

Welcome and moderation:

Christian Traxler is Professor of Economics at the Hertie School. Using experimental policy evaluation approaches, he studies questions in public and behavioural economics, with a focus on tax evasion and enforcement.