Centre for Fundamental Rights

The mission of the Centre for Fundamental Rights at the Hertie School is to be an academic centre of excellence for research, teaching and public engagement on contemporary and emerging challenges to the protection of fundamental rights in domestic, regional and global law and governance. The Centre aims to be a beacon and hub for impactful scholarly research, teaching, and engagement on key contemporary and emerging challenges to human rights in domestic, regional and global law and governance.

Research excellence informs our entire vision. We envisage the Centre as a globally renowned institution for the research it enables and supports, in particular by engaging in, developing and enabling excellent research in human rights legal scholarship.

Our values:

  • academic excellence and freedom;
  • equality, non-discrimination and inclusivity;
  • diverse, global perspectives;
  • criticality and commitment to robust, reasoned, well-informed debate;
  • academic community and collaboration, supporting career development and good working conditions;
  • diverse disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in human rights research; including doctrinal legal, normative, critical and empirical research;
  • enabling exchange between scholars, civil society, politicians, policy-makers, judges and other governance actors;
  • transparent, accessible and ethical research;
  • sustainability, including sustainable and ethical procurement practices.