Research project

Framing Reality and Normativity in European Human Rights Law: Climate Change, Migration, and Authoritarianism

About the project

This project investigates how the relationship between reality and normativity in European human rights law at the Council of Europe is negotiated across three areas: climate change, migration and authoritarianism. To do so, the study will leverage frame theory and frame analysis to study how the present and the future of human rights in Europe is constructed in these three areas. It will study which frames, understood as organising schemes to enable and promote ways of thinking about complex phenomena, are circulated in diagnosing the causes of human rights violations and proposing remedies for them. The study will pay particular attention to what and who is excluded and included and how frames shift over time and across the different legal, political and civic actors of European human rights law. The project will generate new theoretical and empirical insights into the legal and political practice of human rights at the Council of Europe writ large, as well as through European human rights civil society.

Frames is a two years research project funded by Volkswagen Foundation under its funding framework 'NEXT’. It is a collaborative project between the Hertie School and Helmut Schmidt Universität.

Principal investigators:

  • Başak Çalı, Professor of International Law | Co-Director, Centre for Fundamental Rights.

  • Esra Demir-Gürsel, Senior Researcher | PI FRAMES Project, Centre for Fundamental Rights

  • Jens T. Theilen, Postdoctoral researcher (Habilitand), Helmut Schmidt University.

Partnership between: