COVID-19 and the German Constitution


In an online presentation on 6 May, Pierre Thielbörger , Professor of German Public Law and International Law at Ruhr University Bochum and Adjunct at the Hertie School, and Benedikt Behlert, IFHV Research Associate and PhD student, discussed the responses to the COVID-19 epidemic in Germany and the relevant regulation in the German Basic law. 

The speakers reviewed the provisions of the German Basic Law, asking whether they are sufficient to effectively tackle an epidemic. This review focused on two main eareas of regulation -  the law of state organisation in times of crisis, in particular the allocation of competences, and the regualtion regarding the protection and resitiction of fundamnetal rights in times of crisis.

Listen to the podcast of the presentation here:

The webinar, “Covid-19 and the German Constitution“, was part of the Fundamental Rights Research Colloquium, hosted by the Centre for Fundamnetal Rights. The discussion was moderated by Alexandre Skander Galand, postdoctoral researcher at the Hertie School's Centre for Fundamental Rights.