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‘Future of Healthcare’ Innovation Challenge

Prompt 1

We believe that students today can shape the world of tomorrow by driving innovative solutions to critical challenges faced by society. The pandemic has exacerbated physical and mental challenges faced by many, transforming individual stress, isolation and sickness into public health challenges.

It has been observed that COVID-19 has sparked or amplified serious mental health problems, especially among young people,  given school and college closures. It has been observed that around 50% of mental health conditions begin by the age 14 and 75% by age 24 in India. Evidently, if youth mental challenges and their environmental factors aren’t addressed, they extend into adulthood. Simultaneously, having good mental health means being better able to cope, connect and function, leading to more fulfilling and productive lives.

How might we address this pressing public health challenge in the country?

Prompt 2

The advent of the 4th industrial revolution has meant that data is central to innovation and problem-solving. While this has led to promising futures for those on the right side of the digital divide with the agency and education to safeguard themselves in a digital world, a vast majority of citizens and individuals are subject to technology’s dark side. Individual rights are thwarted when individual data is sold for a profit, for example, and surveillance systems trump individual demands for privacy.

In this context, use cases for digital innovation in healthcare is on the rise. AI is increasingly used for medical diagnosis, tele-medicine has brought credible consultations to finger-tips, and healthcare as a whole, is more accessible and accurate.

How might we balance the potential for innovation in healthcare with the lack of safeguards for health data?

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