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Future of Europe: Hertie School students published in the Financial Times

“Rebooting the EU” debate with Henrik Enderlein, Jean Pisani-Ferry on 6 December - register now.

FT winner & event 6 December

The FT’s Future of Europe op-ed competition solicits student contributions from top European universities to address issues that will shape their future.

Julian Lang’s op-ed, “What the EU must learn from Donald Trump,” was selected as the winning contribution from the Hertie School. This topic is the basis for a debate at the Hertie School on 6 December with Henrik Enderlein, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Julian Lang and representatives of the Financial Times.

In the Media

The Financial Times also published two more of the strongest op-eds submitted by Hertie School students. You can find their contributions below.

The EU have a corrective and preventative arm to fix weak spots that the Polish government's behaviour has identified (Read the full op-ed here)

By Jan Jakub Chromiec, Doctoral student studying the role of Eurozone membership in EU negotiations

If Germany is to lead Europe, it should relax its fear of a deficit and welcome fresher and more culturally diverse leadership (Read the full op-ed here)

By Bas Vervaart, Master of Public Policy student